Joseph Jagger – Famous Roulette Player


A Huge Blackjack Participant with amazing achievements

The name of Joseph Jagger is also well-known in the online roulette circles. In some ways he is a gaming genius and a legend worth all the praise that’s heaped onto him. The level of success that he enjoyed at the roulette table have not yet been matched with anyone. In only a week he was ready to win over five million dollars at the Monte Carlo Casino. That is clearly a life changing event and people who are life changing quantities of cash.

Controversial wins for Joseph Jagger

This information helped him to create¬†Gclub a complex database of raw information which would possibly be used to construct strategies for winning substantial amounts of money. Specifically he was able to spot a wheel that had bias towards certain numbers. This may be the ultimate goal for gamblers also it’s a really rare feat. Most casinos can do whatever is within their power to prevent this kind of outcome.

The wheel in question had a bias for the numbers 7, 7, 9, 17, 18, 19, 22, 28, and 29. It appeared that the amounts won more regularly than their counterparts. Then he visited with the casino, armed with this expertise and betted on those numbers. As the expression goes “he chose them into the cleaners”. The Monte Carlo Casino suffered historical loses as a consequence of this sort of betting.

They say that the date has been in July 1875 and the first bet was on 7. The mathematical border continued to rise until he’d completely steamrolled the match. Unfortunately for the Casino, Joseph Jagger continued to reunite for successive days. The wins were becoming unsustainable specially when other players begun to bet on number 7. As a way to trick him the casino transferred the wheels around. For a period he lost a piece but then proceeded straight back into winning.

The distinct scrape which he had left on the biased wheel meant that he could identify the biased wheel. In order to bring an end to this saga, the casino decided to completely change the wheels including the metal and aluminum dividers. This removed the prejudice but Joseph Jagger was wise enough not to play with again. He walked away along with his millions as well as the casino was made to mull on the wonders of a biased slot.

What can we learn from Joseph Jagger?

To begin with you want to know if the time is up. It’s better to quit while the going is good. The biased wheel is completely irrelevant to the online casino because everything is completed electronically. This is a oneoff incident that adds fascination into the match. From a practical point of view in this century, there’s absolutely no way a casino would let this kind of situation escalate into countless dollars. They are far too conscious of these income.

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